BETTER BASEBALL: 9 Innings to Mastering the Mind Game
BETTER BASEBALL: 9 Innings to Mastering the Mind Game

BETTER BASEBALL: 9 Innings to Mastering the Mind Game

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Author: Quiery, Tim

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 108

Release Date: 17-03-2023

Details: NEW PAPERBACK OPTION for 2023 -- Over 100 pages of the best Baseball Psychology / Philosophy / Strategy Sessions available!

There is an old saying that goes, "Get your head in the game."

Never have truer words been spoken because the head is where winning at the game of baseball begins.

Without a winner's mind game and the right mental attitude, you can never be a success in a game like baseball long-term. Why?

Because your physical talent and natural gifts can only take you so far; the mental aspect of baseball is so important, and it all begins with you and the degree to which you have trained your mind and honed your preparation habits.

Remember that baseball is a game of failure, a game where the most elite hitters still fail 70 percent of the time.

The need to develop one's physical tools is obvious because no matter what, players will need to hit the ball, run the bases, master their pitches and make plays in the field.

The Mind Game is just as important as any of those physical tools yet is discussed the least.

Mental Toughness is something that must be developed and conditioned in a competitive athlete as it will help them both on the field AND in their life! "Better Baseball" looks to focus on 9 innings (chapters) of important mind game discussions each player needs to have with themselves, and concrete action steps to take in order to develop the winner's mindset.

Areas of focus include: Taking Your Practice into the Games Finding Your Balance Self-Definition & Positive Psychology Routine, Practice Habits & Self-Management Dealing with Pressure...and more!

Athletes, I ask you these questions: How do you react in moments of extreme pressure? How do you take practice into the games?

What happens when you perform well during practice but struggle to translate such progress into the games? Finding motivation on gameday is easy.

How do you keep motivated on that casual Wednesday afternoon practice? Where is the fine line between aggression and over-aggression?

Is your preparation efficient and intentional (and what does that even mean)? "Better Baseball" avoids all 'fluff' and gets to the point. This book is a must-read for all future D1 stars and those who hope to play this game at their most optimal level.

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